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 Donations & Consignment 

 Robyn's Nest provides funds for homeless, and at risk children in our neighborhood   and your donations help us achieve our mission. Donations of women's clothing and  accessories are highly appreciated and do not require an appointment! 

If you have high end items of great quality that meet our standards, and you agree to    the terms below, please reach out to request an appointment. 


Consignment FAQ

Q : When can I bring my clothes in and how do I present them? 
A: Appointment must be made prior to drop off. Clothing must be in excellent condition, current style, in season, freshly laundered, and presented on hangers. 

If your items are not clothing, please make sure they are stored in a secure container until we are able to process them.

Q: Can I determine the cost of my items?
A: Retail pricing is determined solely by Robyn's Nest Boutique, Inc. 

Q: How long will you display my items?
A: Consignment period will be 90 days, unless otherwise specified.

Q: How much will I make for my items? 
A: Consignor receives 40% of the selling price. 

If you meet and agree with all the criteria above, please shoot us a message below with details on your items. Thank you!

Consignment Application 
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